A selection of my media appearances, interviews, and contributions:

Philadelphia Magazine. Life unfiltered: Why I opened up about my cancer scare on social media. January 31, 2023.

Washington Post. They asked Lizzo for a dress online. It worked. November 19, 2022.

NJ.Com. Study finds people are more rude, aggressive online. Why we’re shaming NJ residents who don’t social distance.

Rutgers Today. Strengthening face-to-face connections online during Covid-19 pandemic.

Women In Academia Report. Rutgers University Study Finds Stereotype Images of Gender Roles in the Workforce Persist Online. February 12, 2020.

The Daily Targum. Rutgers Research Shows Gender Bias in Media Relating to Different Occupations. February 11, 2020 Occupational gender bias and sterotypes prevalent online. February 10, 2020

Telengana Today. Online images reinforce gender stereotypes.

Rutgers Today. Occupational gender bias prevalent in online images, study finds. Images Reinforce Gender Biases Around Professions, Study Says.

Business Standard. Occupational gender bias prevalent in social media images: study.

ET&T Magazine. Online images reinforce engineering stereotypes. Occupational gender bias prevalent in online images, study finds. February 3, 2020 How the pasta guy from NJ became a viral flash in the pan. January 8, 2020.

Women’s Health magazine. Yes, the Internet can impove your mental health – as long as you’re smart about it. April 27, 2019.

SiriusXM Radio. Guest on one-hour radio program with Prof. Rick Eckstein (Villanova University) on social media and youth sports. April 24, 2019

Daily Targum. New Brunswick found to be top city for students studying communication, media studies. April 16, 2019

RU-TV (Rutgers student-run TV)  Guest on morning program discussing social media and relationships. Feb. 14, 2019. (segment begins at 17:40) So you want to run a Facebook group in NJ? July 29, 2018.

RU-TV (Rutgers student-run TV)  Guest on morning program discussing programs and offerings at the School of Communication and Information. April 12, 2018 (segment begins at 15:30) New Jersey Citizens Tackle the Rising Tide of Hate. February 2, 2017

WHYY/Philadelphia Newsworks. “In the Age of the Social Media Attack, Temple Freshman Lands on Haters’ Radar.” November 18, 2016

Asbury Park Press. “The Election is Stressing People Out – Here’s Why.” November 7, 2016

Daily Targum. “Most Millenials Get Their News Online, Study Says” October 30, 2016.

New Books Network, Half-hour interview guest. The podcast can be accessed here. September 30, 2016

Sirius-XM Radio. One-hour guest on “The Coaching Academy.” August 30, 2016

Campus Technology magazine, “How to Design Standards-Based Online Courses. July 27, 2016

WMGQ-FM “Magic 98.3” (New Brunswick, NJ). Half-hour guest on “@ Central Jersey.”  A podcast of the radio program is available here. June 18, 2016

Neal Bennett Productions. Interviewed for video “Globalization, Media, and Social Change.” May 10, 2016.

The Daily Record, Fairleigh Dickinson, Rutgers Report Cyberattacks, March 30, 2015, Dashcam Video, 911 Call Captures Linden Cop’s Earlier DUI Arrest, March 25, 2015

Keystones Technology Innovators. Twitter chat guest for one-hour #KTIChat. Storify transcript here. October 1, 2014.

Verizon Wireless News Center. “Today’s Lesson Plan: Twitter. September 9, 2013

Read Media, East Brunswick Resident, Best-Selling Author Dr. Mary Chayko Keynotes at Media and History Conference, April 10, 2012

Social Media Advisor and Interviewee, Follow Friday the Film. 2011-2012

New Media Research Studio, So Much More Than a Mommy Diary, Spring 2011

Media and Change, A Glimpse Into TV Censorship: Is it Really Necessary?, March 2011

The New York Times’, Mobile Collaboration and Communication Tools for Virtual Teams, December 2010

Media Psychology Impact, We Should Spend More Time on Facebook, June 20, 2011

The Examiner, Texting and the First Date, April 13, 2010

Seattle Times, Texting, Life Chatting Are Redefining Sense of Being Together, Apart, March 20, 2010

Parallaxion, Facebook vs. Darwin (scroll down for interview), January 2010

Experientia, Taking My Community To Go, May 5, 2009

Library Journal, Best Sellers in Social Science (Portable Communities #6), August 20, 2009

Drew University’s The Acorn, Lecturer Explores Online Relationships, February 28, 2008

The Daily Record. “Oscars Overshadowed by Little Screen’s Big Shows,”  March 5, 2006

Washington Times, Birth of Blogs for Parents, May 25, 2005

Lawrence Journal-World, Packrats, Good Samaritans Recycle Clutter Online, October 11, 2004

EC&M Magazine, Mr. Addiss’ Neighborhood, April 2004

Time Magazine, The New Family Album, April 12, 2004

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